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New baby needs home

>> Monday, July 1, 2013

After an epic rescue from seriously harrowing heights, this sweet baby girl needs a new loving home. Little Sabbath literally fell into my life from a twenty foot high oak tree that she'd been up in for untold hours.
Dehydrated and starved she tried to climb down only to take a great leap of faith- straight at my welcoming face!
Luckily, and to everyone's amazement- mostly mine- I caught this tiny flying shadow of midnight. She immediately began making biscuits in my arms and purred gratefully.
She is maybe two months old, angelic in nature and loves to cuddle. She's going to be an incredibly faithful and loving companion.
But why give up such a heaven-sent baby? She would be number four for us. And, although, that doesn't seem like a lot to some, our life with children and three felines is quite hectic and could take away from all that little Sabbath has to offer.


Can we haz can foidz, pleeze?

>> Sunday, June 30, 2013

Three for dinner. Paitence is not their strong point.


Kookie provides tech support

Kookie (or Kooky, as our daughter says it should be spelt) helps with some laptop repairs...


Pumpkin free again

After being captured by a neighbour and taken to the animal shelter four weeks ago, we have let Pumpkin out of the house this morning for the first time since we got him home.

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