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New Site Feed Added: Black Cat Rescue

>> Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fur and Loathing has added the 'Black Cat Rescue' feed. 

Since we now have our new little baby, MeiMei, who is as black as midnight, it seemed fitting to add this wonderful web site ('Black Cat Rescue') to our collection of favorite sites here on the blog. 

What an amazing collection of information, support and brilliant happy endings for so many of these precious cats. 

Please visit 

Here's a little more about the site... 

 About Black Cat Rescue

Did you know that black cats are only half as likely to be adopted as cats of other colors??

Black Cat Rescue is a no-kill cat rescue organization in Boston, MA. Our all-volunteer network of foster homes in the Greater Boston area is dedicated to saving the lives of homeless black cats and kittens by providing quality foster care while actively seeking loving, permanent adoptive homes.
Specializing in foster care and adoption in the Greater Boston region.

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